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Individual learning through participation

Workshops are the perfect setting for in-depth discussions and practical learning on a specific topic. The workshops organized during the conference will focus on specific topics, inviting participants to be actively involved in the workshop and the discussions during these workshops.

Organise your own workshop

Are you an expert in a certain field, and would like to organize your own workshop during the University-Industry Interaction conference? Please submit your proposal on the submissions page.

Currently confirmed workshops:

Science-to-Business Marketing

The Science-to-Business Marketing workshop will be dedicated to the market-oriented implementation of knowledge and technology transfer programs. Rather than researching first and then trying to commercialize the results, Science-to-Business Marketing aims to anticipate / identify market problems or even integrate business partners in a very early stage – resulting in a much higher likelihood of successful knowledge and technology transfer.

The workshop will be held by the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre. Using a workbook, the moderator will introduce some successful instruments and case studies, but then open the floor for a fruitful discussion on how to develop a market-oriented program benefiting all – universities and other research providers, business, the region and the general public.

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to give workshop participants food for thought to take to their home institution. While only a few tools can be discussed in the 90 minutes, references to further tools will be given, enabling participants to gain further insights after their return home.

University-Business Cooperation

The University-Business Cooperation (UBC) Workshop will be dedicated to the measurement of UBC within research institutions. Based on the largest study on UBC ever undertaken in Europe (www.ub-cooperation.eu), workshop participants will get to know the measurement method and process, enabling them to measure UBC in their own institution and comparing the results with other organisations.

Apart from introducing the measurement method, process and tool, the workshop facilitator will open a discussion on how to best measure UBC with a specific focus given on the challenge of measure the impact of UBC.

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to enable participants to measure UBC at their home institution as well as bringing the discussion on impact measurement in UBC forward.

The workshop will be lead by the author of “The State of University-Business Cooperation in Europe” (www.ub-cooperation.eu).

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